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The Trial

Sacked! Fourth down and $1,699,999,999 to go for the U.S.F.L.

The $1 league: the rise and fall of the USFL

The price of monopoly.

What it costs to win a $3 lawsuit.

USFL vs. NFL: ratings, courtroom challenge.

USFL heading for showers?

Sports Illustrated, Jan 30, 1989 v70 n4 p10(1)

The price of monopoly. (NFL must pay United States Football League $5.5 million for court costs in monopoly suit) (column) Craig Neff.

Full Text: COPYRIGHT Time Inc. 1989

"Pete, when do you think the NFL will get around to having a corporate sponsor for the Super Bowl, like the Preparation H Super Bowl?" asked a reporter at commissioner Pete Rozelle's press conference on Friday. "We did consider one corporate sponsor," replied Rozelle, flashing a smile. "It was the Trump Castle Super Bowl."

Rozelle hasn't forgotten that the driving force behind the $1.69 billion antitrust suit the USFL brought against the NFL in 1986 was Donald Trump, then owner of the New Jersey Generals. Remember how Rozelle gloated after the jury decided that though the NFL was indeed a monopoly, it had to pay the USFL owners just $3 in damages?

Well, he wasn't gloating on Friday. The day before in New York, U.S. District Court Judge Peter K. Leisure, who had presided over the case, ruled that the NFL must pay the USFL $5,515,290.81 in attorneys' fees and $62,220.92 in other court costs. As of Sunday, the NFL hadn't announced if it would appeal.