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John Mucci

Age: 45

Music Experience: Qiana (1979-2000) 

Music Background: Started on the Hammond Organ at 7 yrs of age.   Performed professionally since the age of 14. Has performed w/ Chubby Checker (The Twist), Michael Stanley (He Cant Love You), Freddie Cannon (Palisades Park, Sonny Jaraci (Time Wont Let Me, Precious & Few) to name a few!

Equipment:  Alesis Qs6.1 and several sound modules at the moment!

Kelly Mucci
Lead Vocalist

Music Experience: Qiana (1985-2000)

Music Background: Kelly was the one the lead Characters in Every Musical Production starting her Freshman year of high school through Senior year of College.

She plays the piano and acoustic guitar as well as her Masterful Vocal performances.  She not only sings in the Band but is a widely respected Church Vocalist as well.  Kelly presently is a Vocal Music Teacher for the Ashtabula Area City Schools and also the Choir director and Drama director for Ashtabula High School.  She has done many Musical productions like Grease, The Wiz, Surfing Santa, to name a few


Denny Ford
Lead Vocalist

Mitch Mucci
Age: 16

Education: Harbor High School

Music Experience: Qiana (1998-2000)

Music Background: Mitch is also in the high school choir and has been a lead character in the school musicals for the last 3 yrs  

Paul Bodnar

Age: 51

Education: Kent State University

Occupation: Teacher 27 years, Football, Basketball, and Softball Coach (known in the community as the Rock’n Roll Coach)

Musical Background: 36 years experience playing in Rock’n Roll groups.  Plays Lead and Rhythm Guitar as well as sings background vocals and some lead. Vocal strength is arranging and singing vocal harmonies with a wide vocal range especially in the high falsetto range.

Music Experience: Played with local groups, Paragons, Signets, Sounds of Progress and Good Question (1965-1976), and Qiana (1977-2000). Played at 100 different clubs and close to 2000 songs from Hard Rock to Easy Listening

Equipment: Gibson Es335, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Jaguar &