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USFL savings time: spring forward, fall apart?

If there had been a 1986 Fall Season, the Oakland Invaders would be a franchise in name only. After the 1985 title game, the Invaders released the entire squad in a move to free players to sign with the elder National Football League. Mr. Taubman choose not to go head-to-head with the established league, but waited to see the result of the anti-trust suit filed by the U.S.F.L.  He felt that the owners were foolish to abandon the Spring/Summer Format and salary structure, and that the move to a fall schedule had been spearheaded by owners like New Jersey Generals Owner, Donald Trump, who's lavish spending was a result of his greed and desire to force a merger with the NFL.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution pool on Feb. 24 1985.  A Sunday Circulation with 571,646 subscribers.  Found this result

Question Response
Stay Around 4
Switch to Fall* 4
Who Cares? 4

*Four thought it would be a good idea for the USFL to switch, just so the NFL could bury the new league once and for all.

There were, all told, 12 responses.  One of the paper's editors said it was probably the first poll in history in which every response was printed.